Be Your Type Of Super Workbooks For Middle & High School Purpose Peeps Are Coming To Join The First In The Series for PreK - Elementary-Age Purpose Peeps!
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Be Your Type of Super Workbooks
For Rising Purpose Peeps From Middle School To High School Graduation!  
Support Younger Purpose Peeps Through Self-Guided Experiences That Unlock Empowerment, Self-Awareness, Perspective & Authenticity 
Super Simple Activities That Support Purpose Peeps In:
  • Experiencing The Difference Between Being & Doing
  • Recognizing The Super Within Themselves & Others
  • Using What They Understand About Themselves To Bring Meaning, Authenticity, Curiousity & Fun To The Journey of Discovering & Learning Their Type Of SUPER
Come Hang Out During The AJC Decatur Book Festival August 31 - September 1, Children's Zone Booth 623
Come by, have a look at the workbooks, see the response of younger purpose peeps in realizing they can celebrate the stories they are writing in real life being super and getting to know the hero and heroine within.  We need the villiage that supports, believes in, believes for the fully expressed super in Younger Purpose Peeps to get these workbooks in the hands of as many younger Purpose Peeps as possible.  Are you a parent, guardian, teacher, day care provider, grandparent, family member, administrator, librarian, youth services provider, youth empowerment agency--a member of the village? Check this out. We need your support and advocacy.
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