Everyone would agree how important time is. It doesn't matter if you're a SAHM or a working mom, isn't it?


Sadly, despite all those planning tips we can find online, nothing seems to work with most moms like me and left feeling like this...








Trust me when I say, I FEEL YOU, because I do...


Because I'm used to be one like you.


Join me in this 3-day Workshop and learn to


Who needs this?


Moms who always feel they have no time for themselves


Moms who feel frustrated at the end of the day, un-accomplished


Moms who wakes up already feeling stressed


What you'll learn from this workshop:

✨Cause and Effect✨


✨Feel great about yourself✨


Got some questions? I've already anticipated that😁



What I'll need from you?

30 minutes of your day for 3 consecutive days (Wednesday to Friday)


Why 30 minutes only?

Because I know how important your time is to you, as it is for me so we focus on what is necessary. You can always reach out to me though through DM on @themommywithagoal which I try my best to answer on a day or two. If you need more one-on-one motherly sharing-conversation, I can spare you 20-minutes of uninterrupted time when you book here.


Can we do it on a weekend instead? 

I do understand that weekdays are your work days and it would be more feasible to attend workshops like this BUT, I do believe that weekends should be your time to relax and spend time with your family. This is a learning workshop and should be added to your work-week schedule😉


Why start on a Wednesday?

We start on a Wednesday so the things we'll tackle during the workshop will still be fresh in your mind when Monday comes. As explained on my answer on the question prior to this, weekends for me is a no-no.


How much is it?



Why is it free?

Well, what you really need in this workshop is yourself and we all know that you are very much valuable and I can assure you I can't pay you for being you. The objective of this workshop isn't just to help you with your time but let you realise how valuable you are. That is the value I would want to share with this community to have and appreciate. 



So, what are you waiting for???Are you in?

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