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Kathleen Pierce is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business professionals engage their teams, customers, and clients online - whether it's leading Zoom meetings, online workshops, presentations, or doing social media lives. She believes everyone has the power to be a compelling speaker and an influential leader, but that people are often just too afraid to show up or speak up on camera. Kathleen uses her professional background in public speaking and communication to help others gain the confidence they need to speak up, share their stories, and grow their businesses online.

IG: @mskathleenpierce
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Anna-Maria Angarita aka Anna is a Montreal born and raised, of Colombian and Uruguayan decent.
She has worked as a project manager since the early 2000s mainly in corporate pharmaceuticals, but also in healthcare, medical devices and aeronautical industries. Anna currently works as a project management / business consultant helping businesses with their strategic planning and helping them implement steps that will make them achieve their goals and dreams.


In 2017 she embarked on a personal journey that led her to leaving her corporate job, reclaiming her life and in 2020 she wrote her debut book, called “Owning my Truth” ~ a memoir.

She is currently working on bridging her project management skills into her coaching practice and is working on course called “Project Manage your LIFE” where she will use principles that will be both applicable to business and life.


IG: @annamaria_angarita

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Tania Epremian aka COACH T is empowering men and women to live their bravest, healthiest and happiest life. She runs an online nutrition + life coaching business focusing on; meeting people where they are right now. She truly takes the time to listen to your unique needs and build realistic plans to set you up for success. Her mission is to impact people’s lives daily in a powerful and positive way. She’s a mix of sweet, sassy and keeps it real 100% of the time.

IG: @coachtmtl




Adriana Paez is a certified life coach at and mom of two. Through coaching services, workshops and writing, Adriana is passionate about supporting moms feeling lost in motherhood to ditch the overwhelm and reconnect with themselves so that they can feel more confident, aligned, purposeful and free.

IG: @adriana.paez.coaching



Alexa Di Stefano is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist helping others find purpose, fulfillment and build live a life they love.


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IG: @elicit.change


Lin Sok is a Montreal-based financial security advisor and founder of SOHON Financial, offering insurance, investment, and mortgage solutions for her clients.

She uses a fun yet no-nonsense approach to money and finance.  Lin believes in the power of financial literacy and that everybody has the right to generate wealth, no matter their background.


(T) 438 871 4663

FB: Lin Sok

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

IG: @moneyandstrategy 


Edith Préfontaine is a Trail runner and downhill skier committed to helping mountain communities be resilient to climate change.



IG: @urbannaturetravel




Rachel-Diane Epoupa is a Social entrepreneur and a community worker focusing on women issues.


For the last few months she has been working on a community art project with a group of survivors of domestic abuses. View her interview on City News:

Rachel-Diane is also the founder and fashion designer of NIANGO a brand that relies in the world of fashion to create economic and educational system to support women at risk.





Nana De Melo is a liberation and empowerment coach for high-achieving women who feel disconnected, unfulfilled and unexpressed. Women who want to let go of self-doubt and playing small, and who are ready to live the full expression of their authentic power.  


As a high-achiever herself who built a life on meeting and surpassing others’ expectations of her, Nana was inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences to liberate herself from everything that wasn’t aligned with her and completely redesigned her life. She now helps others doing the same.

IG: @nanademelo


Karla Gomez de la Peña is an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner and Integral Breathwork Coach.


Her greatest passion is bringing ayurveda and its concepts of self healing to a majority population that is used to receiving treatments passively instead of healing themselves actively.

She loves inspiring clients to trust their instincts, getting to know and love themselves as they are and helping  connect the dots through her therapies including Integral Breathwork.


This is her modality of choice for personal growth and wonderful introspection that is capable of changing your existence in just one session~ Leaving you feeling energized, clear, and more connected to your truth!






Jennifer Kruidbos, MA has been dedicated to supporting women in health and wellness for over 15 years. She is the founder of Blawesome, the wellness technology company dedicated to supporting people’s wellbeing through a micro-learning community, and facilitating 1-1 coaching sessions. Jennifer also guides her team of over 5000 doTERRA wellness advocates to have more confidence and self-love as they build personal wellness rituals as well as build out their own unique direct-sales businesses. Almost everyday she goes for long walks with her fiance, Chris, meditates and does a movement routine to her fave music.


**Jennifer was not able to make the call (technical issues) but I wanted to connect you all with her. 



Maki Fukushima -  Wellness Program Builder, Podcaster and Event Manager


Fleeing the corporate world to build and create programs and events in wellness. Also launching a podcast, in January 2021, where we will have raw conversations and real talk through the lens of Asian Canadians. MTL born living in TO.


IG: @makikosarah

LinkedIn: @makifukushima




Desiree Ruiz - Community Builder, Business Consultant, Lead Generator and Co-Founder of Les Lilas Society


She is a passionate "Super Connector" that helps heart-centered entrepreneurs and companies, by connecting them to new ideas and to new people.


LinkedIn: Desiree Ruiz

IG: @des.escalante

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