Start Your Yoga Practice in 14 Days!

"Whatever you do in life, yoga shows you how to do it better." 
Chuck Miller
September is National Yoga Month, which makes it the perfect time to get started or become consistent with your practice. And that's why we're doing the Instagram yoga challenge again this year!
Join me for 14 Days of Yoga starting September 16th. Here's how it works:
  1. Every day, starting on the 16th, I'll post the day's pose on Instagram, and/or I'll email it to you.
  2. You do the pose, and post a photo on IG, using the hashtag #BMCYogaChallenge.
  3. All participants will have the chance to win a 1-on-1 yoga session with me!
That's it! If you want the day's pose emailed to you (or just want a daily reminder when we begin), sign up below. Also, follow  Black Mom's Guide to Calm on IG here.
Take the Challenge
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