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Tackling a $17T B2B Marketplace Opportunity

Nebulai is building the next-gen Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace disrupting the way organizations find and contract technology solutions and talent through our Smart Contract technology which lowers transaction fees and increases transparency and security.

Invest from $100 for USA investors, and $300 for international investors. No need to be an accredited investors, Credit cards accepted.

we are looking to democratize access to technology solutions and talent so anyone can innovate more efficiently

The world needs an innovation platform that is fair, transparent, and secure

  • Solutions and Talent arbitration does not add value, yet they keep significant gains from every transaction. Nebulai solves that by removing disintermediation and lowering transaction fees from 20% to less than 3%

  • There are plenty of cutting edge solution providers around the world but customers are not able to find and contract with them easily. Nebulai solves that by creating the first integrated global solutions and talent marketplace.

  • Solution providers and talent from around the world are still without access to banking and credit cards which prevents them from joining the IT space to monetize their skills. Nebulai solves that by allowing for crypto and fiat transactions to permit for borderless transactions with immediate settlement for anyone, anywhere.



Companies are looking to innovate and do more with less

  • Companies are facing difficult challenges digitizing their businesses and trying to adapt to the new era of the Internet, the Web3 era. Nebulai will allow companies to modernize their applications through an ecosystem of Web3 solutions and talent providers.

  • Companies need to innovate without restrictions and tap into solutions and talent from around the world. Nebulai facilitates access to contracting through our integrated Request for Proposal, Challenges, and Talent modules allowing for crowdsourcing of solutions and dynamic and elastic allocation of talent.

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See how we plan to tackle a $17 Trillion B2B Marketplace Opportunity (McKinsey)

How are we different?


Integrated solutions and talent

Only platform with solutions and talent fully integrated



Create Projects, Challenges, Talent Pools



Only tech agnostic marketplace focusing on Emerging Tech


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