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Tackling a $17T B2B Marketplace Opportunity

Nebulai is spearheading the evolution of the Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace, forging a trail where technological prowess converges seamlessly with AI-driven innovation. Our breakthrough Smart Contract technology redefines how businesses engage technology solutions and talent, augmenting transparency, security, and efficiency while significantly lowering transaction fees.

We seek to become the of technology solutions so that any company around the world can contract the best in class technology solutions with ease.

we are looking to democratize access to technology solutions and talent so anyone can innovate more efficiently

The world needs an AI-based innovation platform that is fair, transparent, and secure

  • Through our AI-powered Digital Recruiter, we are digitizing the recruitment process, enabling businesses to swiftly and accurately discover the right talent through conversational AI interfaces. 

  • In a world where innovation demands fairness, transparency, and security, Nebulai emerges as the beacon. By obliterating disintermediation and slashing transaction fees from a staggering 20% to less than 3%, we restore value where it belongs.

Companies are looking to innovate and do more with less, powered by AI

  • Moreover, our AI-driven matching and recommendation engines meticulously analyze businesses' needs and talents' profiles, ensuring perfect alignments for collaborative success.

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A unified platform with multiple currency and global transactions

  • Globally renowned solution providers and talent are scattered, yet inaccessible to customers. Nebulai obliterates these barriers by pioneering the first unified global marketplace for solutions and talent.

  • Our innovation ecosystem extends even to the unbanked solution providers and talent across borders. Nebulai champions inclusivity through digital and fiat transactions, enabling instant settlements and borderless transactions.

Top solution providers and talent which allow for faster innovation

  • In the throes of the next technology era, companies are navigating the challenges of digital transformation. Nebulai empowers these businesses by infusing top emerging technology solutions and talent into their modernization journey.

  • Limitations fade away as Nebulai grants unhampered access to solutions and talent worldwide. Our platform empowers businesses to ideate, create, and allocate talent dynamically, revolutionizing contracting through a blend of Request for Proposal, Challenges, and Talent modules.

How are we different?


Integrated solutions and talent

Only platform with solutions and talent fully integrated so you can innovate faster without going from platform to platform.



Find best in class solution providers and talent with our AI engine and contract with a simple and low transaction fees.



Always focusing on the latest technologies to provide faster time to market and more disruptive solutions


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