Many spiritual entrepreneurs are experiencing a
serious inner conflict right now around money flow. We want to be of service and we need to make money.


So how do we do that?

Well, that’s what this unique 5-Day Abundance Activation Challenge is all about...

This 5-Day Abundance Activation Challenge is a must if you feel:

- Struggling to set and reach financial goals

- Frustrated that you’re stuck stuck at a plateau even though you’re working really hard

- Discouraged that you’re not having the income and impact you truly desire


During this inspiring and insightful 5-Day Abundance Activation Challenge, you will...

Discover how to unlock and unleash more abundance and prosperity in your life

Uncover your hidden abundance blocks that are weighing you down

Raise your personal vibration that you naturally attract abundance faster


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Katja Rusanen, M.A., is a Spiritual Counselor, Speaker, and #1 Bestselling Author. She is dedicated to helping her entrepreneurial clients break free from energy blocks and visibility fears so they can achieve the abundance and impact they truly desire. 
Katja’s pragmatic approach, combined with her spiritual awareness, helps her clients get results fast. Whether they are looking to get their first coaching contract or support to create a $1.5 million launch or reaching more people with their message, Katja is their secret success ally. 

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