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FREE Journal & 7 Day #GetReadyToGrow Challenge

Sometimes you are just so stuck in your patterns that growth requires a little more help. Learn strategies to prepare to grow for the inevitable challeges that will come up in your life with this seven day guided session.  

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About Brandi
Brandi R. Richard is the author of Operation Growth.  Brandi Richard is a mother, innovator, entrepreneur, and advocate. Throughout her life stages, she used adversity to grow and develop into a new iteration of herself. She transitioned from preppy student leader, to young military wife, to hip vegan tree-hugger. From there she grew into a hard-working single mom with vision and purpose for herself and her daughter, showing no fear of the struggle she was facing. Through every challenge she continued to grow, becoming a hard-working entrepreneur with an established career and noted leader, with a brilliant daughter.
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