Next Event on May 25th, 2022 - IN PERSON


✦ A non-traditional networking event

✦ A relaxed space for you to meet new people and network your business with your heart versus your business card

✦ Compassionate story sharing. 

✦ A non-judgemental space to talk about the high AND lows of business

✦ A safe space for ask for help or support 


Facilitated by Desiree Ruiz- Holistic Connector, Consultant and Co-Founder of Les Lilas Society 

and Shannon Ropeleski - Entrepreneur, Intuitive Guide and Owner of Nova Luna 



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Rana Liu works for CBC Quebec in the Communications team and is based out of Montreal. Rana’s work seeks to actively engage with the English-speaking community of Quebec, setting goals for improvement and responding to problems and needs through empowerment and active participation. In her spare time, Rana is an art creator (premiered her show "Generations" at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2021) and a volunteer for the InterGen Studio.

Email: [email protected]





Karina Bensmihen M. A.  


She has been a practicing psychotherapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy since 2007. She has worked in the department of youth protection as well as in private practice working on areas of anxiety and depression. She's also a certified yoga teacher since 2016. She uses both eastern and western philosophies such as mindfulness and recognizing automatic thoughts to help her clients move towards positive change. She believes teaching a person how to heal themselves is a gift and is her ultimate goal as a therapist.


Email: [email protected]



Lin Sok is a Montreal-based financial security advisor and founder of SOHON Financial, offering insurance, investment, and mortgage solutions for her clients.

She uses a fun yet no-nonsense approach to money and finance.  Lin believes in the power of financial literacy and that everybody has the right to generate wealth, no matter their background.


(T) 438 871 4663
(E) [email protected]


FB: Lin Sok

LinkedIn: Lin Sok

IG: @moneyandstrategy

Drea Gideon is a web designer and brand strategist for wellness soulpreneurs. She is also known as "the website witch". Drea uses design as a medium for transmuting your inner magic, to organize your vision clearly onto the digital space.  By combining her innate sensitivity to others' feelings, her hunger for creativity, gift for aesthetics, passion for creating digital art, and technical, organized nature, she has a strong ability to build holistic web design and brand strategy projects.







Marie Ashley Nelson is a Montreal based Expression Therapist. Certified in creative life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy, she is also a multidisciplinary artist, musician & ceremonialist.

Inspired by the saying: "The pain we don't transform, we transmit", she creates unique & multi-sensory opportunities for you to transform and release in a fun, compassionate & judgement free environment. From intuitive drawing, therapeutic movement, visualization, vocal toning, tapping, NLP & sensory-hypnosis, her offerings invite you to get out of your mind and into your imagination. No experience with art is necessary, just a willingness to understand yourself on a deeper level. She aims to equip people with expression practices they can add to their everyday lives to self-harmonize & have the most wonderful impact on themselves and the world.

Individual sessions and group sessions are offered online and at her beautiful Expressive Arts studio.
It is with so much joy and reverence for healing magic of creativity that she welcomes you to discover the masterpiece that you are.




Skye Marok is a Cosmic Vocational Coach that assists those seeking a vocation in which they will thrive. Using vocational astrology & coaching, she helps people identify their natural aptitudes, unique style and abilities, what motivates them in a career, and clarify any blocks to kickstart them towards a vocation they will feel empowered and prosper in.


If you're curious about Vocational Astrology and Coaching DM her on Instagram for an initial chart reading to see what it's all about! 


IG: @skyemarok
FB: @Skye Marok Coaching
Email: [email protected]


Marie-Christine Bélanger est une vidéaste/réalisatrice qui accompagne les entrepreneures intuitives et visionnaires dans le processus de création de contenu vidéo. (Corpo, promo, événementiel, éducationnel)


Son hypersensibilité lui permet de se connecter facilement aux émotions et à l'essence de chaque  personne qu’elle rencontre.


Marie-Christine  aime cocréer et se connecter aux ressentis et à la vérité des femmes. Elle aime les aider à exprimer une idée, une intention, une émotion, un message et à révéler leur offre de manière touchante, vivante et surprenante.


IG: @mondemaribelleproductions 

FB @mondemaribelle 

couriel: [email protected]


Carolina Aragão Safi
Hosting Table - Table Stylist & Table Etiquette Consultant


Hosting is one of the things I love more in life!

A love that has evolved, I now help women create memorable tablescapes, teaching them through workshops and customized consultations, table etiquette giving tools to optimize what they already have at home.

I also work with brands on content creation to promote their products as well as styling at stores to enhance their dining section.


Creating memories one tablescape at a time!


IG: @hosting.table

Alina Grenier-Arellano


Alina is the Co-Founder of Alegoria Game, the social board game that helps group to transform stress & disconnect into joy & belonging. By regulating the nervous system and promoting healthy & effective communication, Alegoria works with teams and communities to support their people to shine through. Alina has focused her research and works with leaders to bring people together to communicate, connect, and collaborate.

If you hold space for groups and teams that need to unwind, engage and build meaningfully together, but you’re tired of stale team building and ice breaker practices, reach out to her via [email protected] and learn more on

FB: @alegoriagame
IG: @alegoriagame

Mya Pearle Nerenberg


I help leaders and seekers find alignment and direction through fun, transformational retreats. I own Ralia Retreats, a unique retreat experiences game changer business. I invite all those who desire to spend time intentionally expanding in activated spaces to reach out and come enjoy a deeper connection with me. I am based in Outremont and spend loads of time being a mom to 2 cutie pie kiddos. I love chatting human design, playing games, going on runs, eating good food, and relaxing spa time.

IG: @mya_pearle and @raliaretreats



Elizabeth Dias - Mindset & Business Coach with 20+ years experience working with thousands of women and entrepreneurs.


I’m a Mindset & Business Coach that’s helped women around the globe to multiply their income, impact and freedom. I was recently selected on Yahoo!Finance as “the #1 Female Business Coach to help you scale in 2021”.

In addition to growing businesses, I LOVE helping women scale their potential and purpose.


I’m also a Certified Consultant/mentee of Bob Proctor - one of the world's leading teachers on human potential, success and prosperity (featured in the best selling movie and book “The Secret”).


If you're a female entrepreneur, coach, consultant or professional looking for a road map to launch or grow your business, as well as your mindset and manifestations… let’s chat. We can also discuss some of the skills, strategies, systems and internal shifts that are essential to becoming a 6 & 7 figure soulful earner. Here’s to turning your vision into a lovely reality… and to realizing so much more of your dreams and potential 😊



Email: [email protected]

Free 10 Step Goal Getter Guide:




My name is Rosie, and I am a medium, spiritual councillor and reiki practitioner. I have had these gifts since a young age, but I pushed them aside out of fear. After dealing with anxiety and depression, I realized that I needed to tap back into my gifts and help others dealing with their issues and struggles. I am very passionate about what I do, and I am constantly learning and growing.


IG: @holistikamtl



Amanda Harvey


I started The Social Butterfly Agency two and a half years ago because I was tired of the 9 to 5 and wanted to spend time quality time with my kids. I have a passion for helping people women grow their business and I love seeing them succeed. At The Social Butterfly Agency we specialize in social media management, content creation social media advertising and audience engagement. We take care of communicating with your target audience while keeping your business or brand active online. Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve; We will provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way.


IG: @thesocialbutterfly_agency
FB: @thesocialbutterflyagency 
Email: [email protected]



With a background in sustainability and renewable energies, Estelle Poiré is on a mission to accompany professional women to create their authentic life that eliminates the overwhelm of clutter. She dares to envision a world where conscious females pioneers of all ages are moving the world forward, one sustainable consumption habit at a time.


As a lifestyle consultant and speaker, Estelle is using her background in sustainability and as an accompanying person to guide women through their simple living and emotional healing transformational journey.




IG: @clutterfree_estelle
FB: Estelle Poiré


"I attended my first Business Connect about a month ago and overall I was so pleased that I basically could not wait for the next one. I felt very comfortable with the other people and I did not feel judged at any point during the meeting. I could just be myself and it was more than fine. Desiree is an excellent active listener who also asks the right questions. I met with her privately on a Zoom call and she is a great communicator and connector. My next online networking event is this week and honestly I have already booked the March event. I just can't get enough. It's a pleasant environment where I was able to connect with other participants with similar interests. I highly recommend the Business Connect." - Estelle Poirier, Consultant and Speaker


Maki Fukushima - Wellness Program Builder & Accountability Coach, Podcaster, Event Manager


Corporate event manager by day, fitness accountability coach by night. Merging project management skills and experience in wellness to create fitness challenges for those who need the guidance, motivation and accountability. Also launching a podcast this year where raw conversations and real talk will be held through the lens of Asian Canadians. Montreal born living in Toronto.

IG: @makikosarah

IG: @just20mins

LinkedIn: @makifukushima

Accountability Membership: Sign-up



Jaymie Martinez is a lightworker, inspiration speaker and master manifestor.


She hosts Vision Board Workshops to teach others how to attract everything they want in life through visualization, the Law of Attraction and a grateful mindset. In fact, she used this practice to save her life. She has helped others to manifest free money, winning the lottery, better relationships, dream jobs, homes, cars and vacations. She believes there are no limits, that abundance is everyone's birthright and that we should all be living our dream life!  


Her workshops include the printing, cutting, and sizing for all your Vision Board pictures, quotes and words.


email: [email protected]



Jen Wende is a Generational Healer®, and Soul Guide. World travels, motherhood and her own self-healing journey focused her extensive and unique skill set on helping feminine leaders heal deep rooted patterns and conditionings blocking them on a soul level so they can feel more free, confident and at peace with who they are and how they create an impact.




Instagram: @jenwende
Free ancestral connection meditation on website. 



Ana Maria Desmaison - I am a Personal and Professional Coach, and I love working with women.


Our Work can be Elevated and Powerful - our Nature is Strong, Wise and Creative.


Let us shift the corrosive messages that we have internalized from the outside and feel grounded. Let us bring kindness to ourselves. Let us bring drastic kindness to our workplace.  Let us come together. Together we can create radical change.



Email me at [email protected] for a free 30 min session.


Luisa Rallo - Funeral Pre-Planning


Luisa Rallo began her career with Dignity Memorial in April 2019 as a Family Service Counselor in pre-planning funeral arrangements. Within a few short months, earned her spot in the TOP 10 of Canada for “Rookie of Year”. Shortly after was promoted to Sales Director . She puts the “FUN” back in FUNERAL


She lost her best friend in 2013 and planning her final arrangements was the most devastating thing she ever had to do. Her wish for all families is not to go through what she went through.


Learn how to protect yourself, while giving peace of mind to your loved ones.





Eleni Dracopoulos is a Self-Leadership Coach & Course Design Consultant.


She helps individuals who are seeking change, lead a life by their own standards and step into their worth. She also helps Entrepreneurs and Experts take their Zone of Genius and transform it into lucrative courses, workshops and programs. Eleni offers a first complimentary 1:1 meeting to anyone who is curious about coaching or consulting.

You can connect with Eleni in the following ways:


Facebook: @eldracopoulos
e-mail: [email protected]




"Business connect is what's missing from the business world. It's not about making sales, competing or standing out in a crowd - it's better! It's about the human behind the business, the impact soulful entrepreneurs want to make in this world, and a fertile, safe and courageous space for them to build community, comraderrie and support. The connections you make here are not quick and superficial; they're long-term and genuine. Desirée has the gift of finding beautiful humans, getting them together and making space for magic to happen." Eleni Dracopoulos, Self-Leadership Coach/Course Design Consultant


Annabelle Agnew

Founder & Principal Photographer at Annabelle Agnew Photography

Annabelle Agnew is a Montreal-based Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Her photographs are often described as "cinematic" and "look like a painting", and yet, stay true to the moment. 


Her professional background of 30+ years in the service industry, 15+ years in marketing & project management combined with a BFA in Photography offers a unique blend of expertise, planning and insights with her clients. 


Her fulfillment comes from how photography has personally helped her connect to her own roots. She considers herself a Visual Historian for her clients and loves how her photographs can take on new meaning over time. 


Art, improv, comedy, running, therapy, creative & business processes are subjects she loves to learn about, participate in and discuss with anyone! 



IG @annabelleagnew




Megan Howarth - Doula and Childbirth Eduactor


Specializing in all things birth, babies and motherhood, Megan has worked as a doula and childbirth educator since 2011. Her passion for supporting women and families with a focus on open-minded, grounded, and practical support led her to expand her personal brand to a full-scale agency in 2020.

Bump and Glow helps you have a better birth, an easier time with your new baby and gives you guidance and support throughout motherhood. 

Megan's key values are Connection, Advocacy, and Pleasure (always guilt-free) This makes her a dynamic leader, speaker, and guide for women wanting to take on motherhood in their own way. 

IG: @bumpglow 
FB:Bump and Glow 



Maryam Southam is a creative who loves to capture authentic moments in the form of photography.


In 2020 Maryam launched Maryam Southam Photography and aspires to work with those who want to capture those moments in time, just as they are.


She is a "lifestyle" or what some call a "documentary" photographer, telling stories with photographs. 


After having her two children and building Sparrow Digital, a digital agency with her husband, she felt the need to immerse herself in what she loves and that is photography.  


Maryam strives to capture those perfectly imperfect moments that are authentic, those sweet and fleeting moments that you can never get back. Her specialty is Family/Motherhood and Portraiture

IG @maryamsouthamphoto


"Desiree's Business Connect is a refreshing networking event that brings together a collective of women in a welcoming, open space to share what they do and ask for help.  As an entrepreneur who just launched her business, I was incredibly inspired by the women I met, and the projects they are working on. I feel very fortunate to have been among that energy and look forward to future meetings and making new connections.  Desiree has a natural ability to connect a room or these days a virtual room with a sincere desire to help you with your business and growth. Can't thank her enough." Maryam Southam, Photographer


Julie Doan is a pharmacist and health coach that helps women embrace an intuitive way of eating to nourish themselves and let go of the restrictive diets. She teaches them how to regain their health naturally, reduce their need for medication, heal their relationships with food, and take care of their bodies in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable.


If this is something you need, you can sign up for her free e-mail series called the Nourished Self. Over 5 days, this workshop shares with you the foundational habits and mindset shifts to improve your health without deprivation.






"What I love the most about Business Connects is the opportunity to build genuine relationships in a safe environment where people are here to listen and get to know you. I've had the chance to meet a diverse group of heart-centered people from the two times I've attended, and some of these new friendships have turned into collaborations.


Desirée has the gift of bringing people together and creating conversations that I personally feel bring out the best in me and help me see things in a different light. If you're looking to connect in meaningful ways with other business owners, then I highly recommend joining Business Connects!" Julie Doan, Pharmacist and Health Coach


My name is Amanda and founder of our nonprofit Clear the Ocean. My youngest daughter was the inspiration when she insisted we make a household change after watching videos showing the cruelty done to marine animals by plastic waste. I channeled her inspiration and created our nonprofit. We raise funds by offering fun and easy solutions to single use plastics. Our products are eco friendly, we are dedicated to being made in Canada and supporting local businesses here in Quebec. We are passionate about our vision to build a plastic free future.

You can find us on:


insta: @clear_the_ocean

facebook: Clear the Ocean
LinkedIn: Clear the Ocean
TikTok: @cleartheocean
Twitter: @cleartheocean2



"I have participated so far in one of Desirée’s Business connection evenings and I feel like I was so fortunate to have had this opportunity. From that one event I met people who became resources for me to help me propel my business. I also met others who were inspired by my story and together we are building projects together.

I would encourage anyone who is in business to join this connection evening. There are so many in these events that have amazing stories that you will be inspired by, that will either take you to your next step or where you will find your next business collaboration." Amanda Busner, Founder of Clear the Ocean


Kathleen Pierce is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business professionals engage their teams, customers, and clients online - whether it's leading Zoom meetings, online workshops, presentations, or doing social media lives. She believes everyone has the power to be a compelling speaker and an influential leader, but that people are often just too afraid to show up or speak up on camera. Kathleen uses her professional background in public speaking and communication to help others gain the confidence they need to speak up, share their stories, and grow their businesses online.
Contact info:

IG: @mskathleenpierce
Facebook "Unmute Yourself" group:




Edith Préfontaine is a Quantum Flow Practitioner.


She helps people release old emotional patterns and helps them connect to their life purpose. She currently gives individual online sessions and also offers sessions in nature. She is completing a certificate in ecopsychology. She has been working in sustainability and environment for over 14 years.


Open to collaborative projects and happy to connect.


Email: [email protected]

IG: @flowandnature


Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto - Orthopaedic, Women’s & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist


As a high level athlete for most of her life, Bianca has grown to let life flow through her via the ultimate expression of human movement, artistic gymnastics. Graduate from the University of Florida (Go Gators) with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, she then pursued a Master’s in Physical Therapy at McGill University to explore how she could further help individuals heal & optimize their health through movement. She treats a variety of clientele, with the goal of empowering them to discover and cultivate their own healing powers.


She is currently developing a holistic women’s health platform that guides and empowers women throughout transformational life cycles. It integrates an awareness and movement approach that allows women to bio-harmonize (rather than bio-hack) their natural rhythms.




Email: [email protected]



My name is Jacqueline Sultan and I am the founder of

Ad Meliora Communications, an agency providing internal and external communications services to entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses.
I am particularly passionate about working with women and BIPOC who are just starting their new business venture or who want to reinvent themselves and their company.

I am having a "mompreneur" event for mothers' day and I'll be glad to share your businesses.

Be sure to follow my business on all social media platforms, share within your respective networks and provide feedback!

IG: @admelioracomms





Montreal born Chantal Stafford-Abbott has worked as an international fashion model for over 14 years living in NYC, Paris, London, and other fashion capitals of the world. She moved back to Montreal in 2017 to pursue her studies in Human Relations at Concordia, and founded The Deep Space that year. The Deep Space is a monthly conversation series that helps open-minded people who want to explore common experiences through safe and non-judgmental conversations in a community setting. Her mission is to create safe spaces for human conversations in modern settings.


IG: @thedeepspace

IG: @chantalstaffabb


I help people heal. I am a certified hypnotist. I practice clinical hypnosis. I am a certified Reiki practitioner and an intuitive energy healer. I have my own method which is Neuropsychomagic. A lot of things can be done online.



Katya Chabalina (514)690-9355
[email protected]



My name is Claudia Zalega.

I’ve been an esthetician for 20 years.


My goal at work is to provide personal skincare to attend my client’s needs.  I love working on a client who has a skin concern that is interfering with her/his self-confidence, and be able to coach the way to reach hers/his goals. 
What I love most is to see each client leaving with a smile on their face after an appointment. Be it a relaxing facial, body wax or simply groomed eyebrows. It’s great to be able to provide a “feel good” service. 
Esthetics is very therapeutic and  I feel very fortunate to be the one providing that care to my clients. 

Phone number: 514-797-8757
Email: [email protected]


Facebook:Kēp Skincare


Anna-Maria Angarita

Business Consultant (Medical/Pharma) turned Author


Anna has been on a beautiful personal journey over the last three years and wrote a memoir that will launch in December called  "Owning My Truth".


IG: @annamaria_angarita


"I started attended Desiree’s Business Connect towards the end of 2020 and I immediately fell in love with the format and authenticity of the participants. I’ve been able to make a lot of connections – with some really awesome people! I would highly recommend to those looking for a networking group that encourages storytelling and sharing of personal stories."

Lin Sok, Financial Security Advisor


Lisa-Marie Farley D.O.
Manual osteopath, exercise specialist and teacher. My passion and purpose is in helping people connect and elevate their healing powers through awareness and different therapeutic modalities. You are your own best therapist is my philosophy. Currently working on a holistic women’s health & wellness platform and community and would love to connect with any likeminded individual to grow our impact all together.

Instagram @farleylisamarie & @eldoa_qc

[email protected]



Aisha Saintiche is a certified Health Coach and the founder and owner of MetoMoi Health. With over fifteen years of experience in Mental Health, Accessibility and Diversity and Inclusion, Aisha has used her experience as a strategic advisor and health coach to understand the complexity and intersectionality of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that keep people from achieving their optimized health and wellness.


Aisha also holds a B.A. in Honours Political Science, a Masters in Public Policy Administration and Law, as well as a certification in Change Management, Advanced Crisis Intervention and Counselling and Health Coaching. Most recently Aisha was hired by the Canadian Olympic Committee of Canada as an Integral Master Coach.


Always seeking opportunities to bring about change, she is also an active member and Board of Director for the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT) and the Board Chair for Afiwi Groove School. 


[email protected] 


Priscila Stuart - Food Coach


Bringing people fun recipes at home and helping clients enjoy being in the kitchen. Stay tuned for her holiday IGTV lives where she will invite guests to cook/share some of their favorite holiday recipes.


IG: @priscilaskitchen

FB: @priscilaskitchen



Atena Sadegh - Mindset and Energy Coach


Helping you live a happier life by teaching you energy healing techniques and through the power of your subconscious.


Subscribe to her YouTube Channel 

IG: @prettyhappyhabits



"I loved attending Desiree's business connect event! I meant so many inspiring souls and, one in particularly, who not only truly marked me on a personal level but we ended up collaborating on an event that was so special and unique. I am literally sending as many of my clients her way as our soul's missions are aligned! I equally enjoyed how unique Desiree's event was in that we all got to share our stories, I feel that this is the piece that made the connections real and raw. I highly recommend attending and making those connections, you have everything to gain from them." Atena Sadegh, Energy Healer


Lisa Di Domenico is a Career Coach and founder of Lisa D - Life by DesignTM Inc. She is passionate about helping women who feel professionally stuck and unfulfilled design a career and life they love! Leveraging her university education in psychology, 10 years experience as a certified career counsellor as well as her own experience of navigating and overcoming career unfulfillment, she has designed a coaching framework that marries the best practices from both industries and helps women step into their confidence and authenticity so they can find work that is aligned and create a life of balance and wellness.


IG @lisa_d_lifebydesign

FB: @lisadlifebydesign


"Desiree has created a beautiful space to connect with other heart-centered entrepreneurs. This is by far not your typical networking event but rather a space to make genuine connections with other entrepreneurs who have an honest interest in supporting each other. I immediately connected with several individuals after attending my first Business Connect, some of which have resulted in aligned collaborations. If you attend one networking event this year, let it be this one."

Lisa Di Domenico, Career Coach


Géraldine Jippé, CEO - GJ Consulting, is a serial entrepreneurs, in circular economy, environment, e-commerce an A.I. She won the entrepreneurial Competition: Cooperathon 2018 sponsored by Desjardins. She was incubated in various renown incubators in Montreal: Centech and NextAI.

Géraldine is a Web and technology enthusiast, her company offers digital transformation, digital marketing, automation and ecommerce service. Passionate about the digital economy, she supports and invests in local and international startups.

As a panelist, she was involved in discussion on A.I., women in tech and immigration, minorities and entrepreneurship in Quebec.


She's also a mentor at Futurpreneur, advising startups on business and online marketing strategies. She's the host and producer of Entrepreneurs, In Conversation With Géraldine, a large across boarders conversation on anything tech, innovation, creation and entrepreneurship


She loves to spend time with her loved-ones and is a strong believer in slowpreneurship.
At times, she's also an apprentie-intern in Python at Sikilabs, a Montreal-based Python firm.



"Ages ago, I was kick starting the first version of my consultancy business, and moved on to creating startups. It's only later that I realized the power of connecting and how essential it is. Through the business convo events, I found incredible female entrepreneurs, a very creative and supportive community that acts as a soundboard, I could have never imagined to be a part of. Let's be clear, the entrepreneurial journey can be quite lonely and difficult. At The Lilas Society Business Convo, I found a business family, I can rely on. I feel supported, encouraged, challenged. It helps me get to a higher level with great connections for life. Desiree is the CONNECTOR. If you haven't joined yet, connect." Géraldine Jippé, Digital Marketing Consultant


Jaime Moar is both a teacher and entrepreneur at heart. After spending 10 years teaching yoga to kids, grown-ups and all ages with special needs she has now stepped into her true calling as an Alignment Coach and human design reader. With a background in education, psychology, yoga, personal development and human design Jaime has a toolbelt overflowing with gifts to share. And if you haven't heard about human design, get ready to learn about a modality that will give you multiple permission slips to be yourself.

During the summers Jaime runs her family's marina/restaurant on beautiful Brome Lake in the Eastern Townships. While she never would have thought running a restaurant would be her dream, the Marina has become a part of her soul. She uses it to enhance a couple of her core values - connection and community. Oh! And she gets to teach yoga on the docks which is the most magical yoga studio around!

As a Manifesting-Generator who likes keeping busy, Jaime has learned that variety is the spice of her life. And she is so excited to help you discover the spice of your life!


Ways to connect:
IG: @jaimejessica


Kelly Pliakas


I am the owner of 21st Century Food and Beurre et Baquette. A meal planning company that offers fresh, healthy meals delivered to your home - daily. It’s a family run business that allows us the flexibility to design a well-balanced lifestyle in our own home and to work passionately on creating delicious gourmet meals.


Our business solves a real-life problem for busy individuals and families. Knowing that you have healthy meals and healthy snacks available in your fridge, provides the peace of mind to get all your other daily tasks done.


I am a meal planning expert. Let me show you how to gain free time while improving your mental and physical health.


IG: @21stcenturyfood or @beurreetbaquette

[email protected]


Jennifer Kruidbos, MA has been dedicated to supporting women in health and wellness for over 15 years. She is the founder of Blawesome, the wellness technology company dedicated to supporting people’s wellbeing through a micro-learning community, and facilitating 1-1 coaching sessions. Jennifer also guides her team of over 5000 doTERRA wellness advocates to have more confidence and self-love as they build personal wellness rituals as well as build out their own unique direct-sales businesses. Almost everyday she goes for long walks with her fiance, Chris, meditates and does a movement routine to her fave music.


[email protected]




Moe AbdelAl

Owner and founder of MSZ Group; An international project manager, Leadership coach and a father of 3.


Helping men to create the legacy they want to leave behind and give them tools and the space to elevate their life and be the best version of themselves. Empower-men Vlog was created to build, create and transform men into what they needed and destined to be.


My goal is to help everyman I can interact with, get in touch, ask your deepest questions, get the answers you are looking for.


Email: [email protected]

IG: @themoeabdelal



Sabrina Spezio is an Interior Designer and founder of her own full service design firm.

She and her team work closely with clients to give them the spaces they want, designed to fit their personal style, lifestyle and budget. No matter the scope of the project, residential or commercial, Sabrina and her team are there for their clients every step of the way.


IG @sabrinaspeziodesign 


Nicole Jones lives and breathes her passion. She creates offerings that allow others to lean into their edges - to shift - grow - dive deeper - expand - to wake up their true self and discover their full potential.


Whether Nicole is teaching a one on one session, a retreat, a small group or a large class, she carries a consistent intention. She believes yoga is the gateway to self-discovery. Yoga has taught her to love, appreciate and value herself in ways she never thought were possible.  She uses her personal experience to inspire others.


She currently offers a variety of online classes and retreats. Nicole is also a full time Physical Education and health teacher at Dawson College.


Ig: @nicolejonesyoga


"I had the pleasure of attending a business convo with Des and it was magic start to finish. From the very beginning she showed nothing but love, enthusiasm, patience, kindness and a true passion for community. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have met many other beautiful humans. I also feel very fortunate for the one on one time I got with her. I would highly recommend attending an event with Des, she truly is a master at connecting like minded souls."Nicole Jones, Self-Love Advocate and Speaker


Shannon Lisa Ropeleski is the owner and founder of Nova Luna, a boutique and gathering space that houses over 25 local, independent, womxn-owned businesses, as well as a curated collection of hand selected crystals. Having worked in the healing arts for over 15 years, she loves to host lunar circles, teach workshops on topics such as astrology, and is especially keen on connecting people and creating community.






Adriana Paez is a certified life coach at and mom of two.


Through coaching services, workshops and writing, Adriana is passionate about supporting moms feeling lost in motherhood to ditch the overwhelm and reconnect with themselves so that they can feel more confident, aligned, purposeful and free.


IG: @adriana.paez.coaching




Rachel-Diane Epoupa is a Social entrepreneur and a community worker focusing on women issues.


For the last few months she has been working on a community art project with a group of survivors of domestic abuses. View her interview on City News:

Rachel-Diane is also the founder and fashion designer of NIANGO a brand that relies in the world of fashion to create economic and educational system to support women at risk.

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"I attended a few Business Connects and met so many amazing people who not only taught me new things but also opened my eyes to new experiences that I otherwise would have never been exposed to. The ripple effect of these connections have positively affected my business in ways that would never have been possible on my own." Jaymie Martinez, Founder of 3 Happy Twirls


Brad Aeon is the founder and director of the Time Research Institute (, a registered nonprofit organizing donation-based workshops on how to manage time for self-care and self-actualization.  He has worked with homeless shelter staff, social innovation centers, healthcare units, and other nonprofits. Brad Aeon also gives corporate training in time management. He has worked with numerous companies including the creative branch of the Boston Consulting Group, Adyen, GrandVision, and many others.



Dunia Darwiche - I am a Transformational Intuitive Coach (and Silk Scarf designer), here to help multi-passionates pivot their passions into their calling (work/career), reminding them where they left the keys to their personal power. All while doing this I help them strengthen their intuition and psychic abilities.


Certified by the ICF in Personal & Professional Coaching, Past Life Regression Therapy and Reiki II. Having Psychic Gifts since birth, these gifts started to be undeniable when premonition dreams and predicting death started happening regularly.


These gifts were kept very private, growing up with a single parent who really didn’t feel comfortable with this kind of work. Then about 8 years after my mom’s death, I discovered through an uncle, that my mom did intuitive work in her early twenties, hired to read tarot at parties; this is the moment that started my journey of sharing my own gifts with the world and integrating them into my work.


You can reach me via

Instagram: @dunia_darwiche

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"Wow! Where does one start? Business connect was worth every single minute! It connected me with incredible women entrepreneurs that are not only so supportive of my work but also so inspiring to follow! It's been a true blessing to get to connect to such a magical & impactful community through Desiree & I am filled with gratitude! If anyone is considering it, I highly recommend it! It's a true game changer!" Dunia Darwiche, Transformational Coach


Aileen Borruel is an enthusiastic and compassionate workshop facilitator, mama of 4 and loves to uplift and inspire those around her.


She is a McGill University graduate of Social Work and holds a DEC in Special Care Counselling and has 20 years of experience working with families and older adults. Aileen is the founder and owner of Joyful Connections that offers wellness workshops which promotes positivity and the importance of human connection for our well-being.  The mission is to spread more love, joy and laughter into the world.  


In 2018 Aileen became a certified laughter yoga leader and since then has been offering laughter workshops to community groups and corporations. With her fun, genuine, positive energy she brings to the class, it allows her students to feel more joy, love and connection.

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Melanie Jade Boulerice is an ER/Trauma nurse and Founder of Nomadic Nurse Agency, a mobile nursing agency providing personalized attention to all of your health needs in the comfort of your home (I.e. Flu shots, Covid-19 Swab tests, Vaccinations, Blood Services and more)


Nurse Mel has been a registered nurse and practicing for 7 years in Montreal’s emergency room, getting to know the needs of the population hands on and frontline.

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IG: @nomadicnurseagency


Kris Daria  - Email marketing expert
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She’s an email marketing expert for beauty & wellness e-commerce brands. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with 100’s of things on your to-do list, she'll take the workload off your plate so you can start generating more sales on autopilot for your online store. 




Voula Lianos is passionate about real estate and helping people find their home since 2003!

As times change so do we. Constantly adapting in order to marry technology and safety measures to serve your needs while keeping you safe.

I’m here to help, reach out,  no deal too small, no question left unanswered. 


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