Re-frame what you believe about yourself

Move past your own blocks and blind spots

Discover how to get past low confident thoughts

Show up to your life feeling confident and empowered

Ways to Work with Coach Phyllis:

The Impostor Syndrome Shifts Ebook


THE Resource to Shift Out of Impostor Thinking and Feeling and Into Living a Fuller Life. Discover 7 Powerful Strategies to Better Manage Your Negative and Self-Limiting Thoughts.

The Impostor Syndrome Shifts Master Coaching


Delve Deeply Into the Root of Your Impostor Syndrome Thinking & Feeling, Put into Practice Powerful Strategies to Change Your Thinking and Silence Your Inner Critic.

The Impostor Syndrome Shifts Masterclass:

Launching Again on January 8, 2021!


6 LIVE Masterclasses via Zoom, designed to peel back this phenomenon, provide a new level of self-awareness, and provide powerful strategies to reframe your thoughts and regulate your emotions.