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As parents, we know that keeping kids busy and engaged whlie on the go can be challenging to say the least.  Technology seems to be the go to activity, and if you are like me, I feel guilty about the shear numbers of hours my children spend in front of a screen. 


I would much rather have them busy with things that are hands on and creative.  I love having learning games available, but these are not always easy to travel with, and lugging lots of heavy books around all day can be quite tiring.


This is why over the years I have worked to create some fun and easy hands on learning kits that can be easily thrown in a diaper bag, backpack or overnight bag.  


I would like to share them with you for free.  All you have to do is fill in your name and email  in the boxes below so that I know you are a real person and not a computer, and you can have ALL FIVE of the Travel Busy Box Kits today! 


  • The Zoo Animals Travel Busy Box
  • The Construction Travel Busy Box
  • The Play Dough Travel Busy Box
  • The Farm Animal Travel Busy Box
  • The Matchbox Car Travel Busy Box


Just think about how these travel boxes could save your next doctor or therapy visit!  Don't you just hate the waiting areas these days?  The only things that ever seem to be available to occupy the kids are that one magnetic table and a few half shredded books.


Each kit comes with all the necessary printable materials.  You will supply the plastic school supply box and any plastic animals or matchbox cars.  Paper versions of the animals, cars and construction trucks are provided in each kit.  Download your FREE travel busy box, and keep your child learning on the go! 


Now you can relieve your chld's boredom and have piece of mind  with these engaging and creative learning activities for your littles.   And the best part, is they are completely FREE!  Simply enter your name and email into the boxes below, and you will receive the links to your FREE travel busy box kits instantly!

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