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"This was exactly what I was looking for in order to have a plan for my start-up web design business. Melissa not only provided a comprehensive walk-through of all the major types of marketingshe even answered all of my questions afterward. I highly recommend Melissa for any marketing/SEO consultations."


Jonathan Ma, Red Lily NW

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  • How to convert sales
  • How to build your brand image
  • How to increase brand awareness
  • What's wrong with your site's current SEO status
  • Which marketing methods are most applicable for your industry
  • How to adjust your current marketing strategy for higher CR

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Being your own boss means learning by doing. But you need to save time and money.


Don't waste time teaching yourself. Cut past all the introductory marketing research.


I've already done the research for you! I'll examine your existing marketing funnel and let you know exactly what changes to make.


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