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Jonathan Ma
Red Lily NW

"This was exactly what I was looking for in order to have a plan for my start-up web design business. Melissa not only provided a comprehensive walk-through of all of the major types of marketing, she even answered all of my questions afterward. I highly recommend Melissa for any marketing/SEO consultations. They are concise, thorough, and very valuable!"

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Being your own boss means learning by doing. But you need to save time and money.


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I've already done the research for you! I'll examine your existing marketing funnel and let you know exactly what changes to make.

Viet Nguyen
Intelligent Millennials Podcast

"Melissa showed me how I can increase my influence by identifying
and focusing on my niche, defining my brand, and by bringing value to
other creators in my niche….Had I found Melissa's program earlier, it would have saved me several hours of time and it would have allowed me to focus on both the quality and quantity of my contentwhich is the entire reason why I

have a blog to begin with!"

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