No Time for Genealogy?
You need The Occasional Genealogist Planner

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Need more time for your own genealogy research? 

Do you feel like you repeat research over and over again because you got interrupted before you "finished?"


Have you ever made a big find only to start filing it and discover you had already found that document, just so long ago you forgot?


Whether you have one or all these problems, you're probably an Occasional Genealogist. You just don't have enough time for your family history. Or do you?

Too Busy for Genealogy?

The solution for all Occasional Genealogists is organization. If you want to do quality, productive genealogy, you have to follow the research process and keep yourself organized.


But that's not easy when you're constantly interrupted or struggling to find time to do genealogy at all.


For two years I've shared tips and tricks on my blog, The Occasional Genealogist, to help Occasional Genealogists "do great genealogy, despite the interruptions." I've focused on identifying techniques that fit the type of time Occasional Genealogists have. But that has never seemed quite enough.

Too busy for family history?

As a professional genealogist I do genealogy nearly every day. It's rarely my own and even when I sneak in a little online searching, it's not the type of "great genealogy" I really want to be doing.


For over a year I've been thinking about what I need to do great, professional quality genealogy on my own projects, without quiting my day job!


The Occasional Genealogist Planner is the first step to help me AND YOU, make time for great genealogy.


Every Occasional Genealogist has a different amount of free time. Some really have almost no time for genealogy and others research pretty regularly, but they feel they only occasionally do genealogy.


The Occasional Genealogist Planner is designed to help ANY Occasional Genealogist but it will make the most difference for those with very little time. It is also extremely useful for genealogists that are cheating the research process to try and save time, don't know how to follow the research process, or maybe don't even know what it is.

Make 2018 Your Year of Genealogy

Organization will take your Occasional genealogy from lack luster to great. Organizing is not why you got started in genealogy, though. You want to research, you want to find ancestors.


The Occasional Genealogist Planner can help you be organized, like any planner can, but it's so much more than that. I've broken genealogy down into little chunks. This is essential for every Occasional Genealogist. It's why I came up with the concept of "The Occasional Genealogist" in the first place. Genealogy is taught for great big chunks of time, and you don't have that!


With The Occasional Genealogist Planner, you get an organizational tool, but you're also getting the inspiration to kick start your planning. The Planner is flexible to allow you to follow your personal interests and create a plan that works for your research. It includes suggestions of what to do and how to break it into little bits to fit the time you have available, no matter how much time that is.

The combination of organization and inspiration is what this Planner is all about.


Inspiration + Organization = Success

-You're short on time and want to do more genealogy. Instead of spending your valuable free time figuring out what to do, the Planner gives you ideas. Think of this as a little hand-holding to create a plan with actionable steps. When you have free time, you simply start working on the plan you customized for yourself.


  • If you never have enough time for genealogy...
  • If you always seem to get interrupted before finishing your research...
  • If you don't know exactly what to do when you have some free time...


The Occasional Genealogist Planner is for you!



How the Planner works.


This is a printable planner. You will receive PDF files which you print and assemble the planner the best way for you.


This is designed as a U.S. letter-size planner so you can keep research materials with the planner when you are actively planning to do research or education. Since it is a PDF, you can print to other size papers, too.


  1. Start with the Quarterly Goals worksheet and instructions. This is the core of the inspiration + organization concept. You'll want to consider the year as a whole to make a realistic plan for YOUR available time.
  2. Once you've set your goals, start assembling your planner to work for you.
  3. Start using your planner!

What's included.


The 2018 Occasional Genealogist Planner

  • Dated Monthly Calendars (month on two) with a monthly focus topic.
  • Suggestions for how to use the monthly focus topic to do more genealogy.
  • Undated Weekly Calendar (week on one) with a special format (instructions included).
  • Quarterly Goals Worksheet. So you know what to do at a glance.
  • Quarterly Goals Instructions and Suggestions. Designed especially for Occasional Genealogists, this will walk you through creating genealogy goals that fit your limited time. It'll also save you time thinking about your options.
  • Summarty Template. Complete the research process by reporting! This template makes it easy to get started with "reporting."
  • Research Process printable. There's nothing better than a constant reminder.
  • Source Refinery Worksheet and Note Taking Form (these are two of the freebies available on the blog, they are included for your convenience).
  • A montly email to remind you to do genealogy. This is exactly what it sounds like, a simple reminder, including what the monthly focus is. There's no pressue to respond or set anything up in advance. If you're busy one month and genealogy doesn't fit your schedule, you simply print out any bonus information it provides for your Planner, stick it in the Planner, and delete the email. You'll get another reminder next month.


Does this sound like what you need to do more genealogy in 2018?

Add-on Packs

Available separately to further customize your Planner. These currently include:

The 2018 Weekly Planner Add-on Pack

  • Dated Weekly Calendars (week on two) so you can use The Occasional Genealogist Planner as your only planner.
  • Dividers
  • Blank tables/spreadsheets (for tracking your budget, expenses, password tracker, birthday list, contact list, whatever you need in YOUR planner).


The 2018 Skill Improvement Add-on Pack

  • Brainstorming Worksheet. Get research ideas started when you aren't ready to create a research plan, yet.
  • Source Analysis Worksheet. Get started learning source analysis with this easy to follow worksheet. Perfect to remind you to write down your thoughts even if you know how to analyze your sources.
  • Education Planning Worksheet. Education is vital for genealogists. Achieve more education by being organized and knowing what to learn next.


The 2018 Research Planning Add-on Pack

  • Planning template.
  • Budget template.
  • More suggestions for goals and tasks, sized for Occasional Genealogists. Includes my most specific breakdown of the research process for Occasional Genealogists. This is perfect for someone wanting lots of options to choose from or someone who wants to aim for more than quarterly goals. Easily adaptable for "Occasional Genealogists" who want to tackle a genealogy research project in a month. 


There's one more "premium" add-on available. It's "A Kick in the Pants." Not literally, of course!

A Kick in the Pants

This add-on isn't a printable. It's four 15-minute email check-ins with me. You have some flexibility in what you use them for. Obviously they are meant to be a kick in the pants to get you to use your Planner and do more genealogy. This add-on has some specific terms since it's a service but here are the basics.


You must use these as four separate 15-minutes check-ins. No combining them. Not because I want to be mean but because they are meant to make sure you use them to stay motivated through-out the year. I've done a lot of consultations as a professional genealogist and I know how much most genealogists think they can squeeze into 30 minutes or an hour (but they never really can). I'm nipping that in the bud, you've got 15-minutes, no more. 


Because these are so short, I'm' curently only offering them as email check-ins. This makes sure you get a written result (my email response). This could change if I see a pattern in what people are asking.


Here are some suggested uses (remember, you're only getting 15-minutes of my time, not time to read what you send me and then 15-minutes of response time, just 15-minutes). Ask for a suggested education plan on a specific topic you've identified as needing improvement before you tackle a certain research project. Ask for a quick review of your research plan. Ask for any additional suggestions based on your summary/report from the research you just completed.


These really are check-ins, not consultations. You can use all four on your progress through one research plan (or an education plan) or use them for four unrelated goals you're trying to achieve. Think of it like having 15 minutes in an elevator to ask a professional genealogist questions. But you don't have to trap a genealogist in an elevator with this add-on.


Finally, there are an extremely limited number available. These require my time and availability through out the year. Just like you, I don't know exactly what will happen with my schedule the further out we look. I'm keeping the available number pretty low to make sure I always have enough time for these.


I'm not an Occasional Genealogist. Can I still use this planner?

Yes! The suggested tasks/goals are broken down for someone with limited time. An Occasional Genealogist might work through a research project in a year. If you have more time, you might use the same break down and work through a project in a month (each quarter would roughly be one week).

I'm pretty new to genealogy, will the Planner help me?

Yes! There are a variety of suggestions to help you discover new skills you need to learn or hone. The Planner is designed to help you follow the research process and when you're new, you often need reminders, even if you know what the research process is. The Planner can help you become a better genealogist if you let it.

I'm an extremely experienced genealogist, will this help me more than a generic planner?

Yes. One of the primary goals of The Occasional Genealogist Planner is to help you make genealogy plans and set genealogy goals faster. Even the aspects that might be really helpful to a newbie, because they aren't aware of a skill, can help you work faster by putting a reminder in front of you, rather than requiring you to think of everything yourself.

I'm definitely an Occasional Genealogist. Quarterly goals and monthly topics sounds like more than I have time for. Is this going to be one more project I don't finish?

I can't tell you if you'll buy this and then never use it. I can tell you that it will fit your limited time.

Every genealogist can achieve quarterly goals. The Planner will help you consider what a reasonable goal is for the time you have available. A goal doesn't have to be finding a certain ancestor, a piece of information, or even doing research. There are research suggestions and non-research suggestions and most can be adapted to any amount of free time.

The monthly topics are an extra source of inspiration. If you don't have time for them, no problem. Some months you may want to use them and not others. You may choose to incorporate one of the suggested actions into a quarterly goal.

I'm providing you with a variety of suggestions so you don't have to spend time brainstorming your own. You can of course incorporate any of your own ideas. That's why this is a planner and not a plan.

I use a digitial calendar/do research digitally, only. Will this really help me?

Well, that depends.

If you are successfully doing genealogy research completely digitally, and that isn't hindering how much genealogy you do, no, this Planner probably won't help you.

If you are NOT doing great genealogy, just something like genealogy, or if your digital-only system is slowing you down, this Planner might be just what you need. 

One advantage of a paper planner is writing things down, instead of typing them, helps you remember them better. As a planner, writing down the genealogy you intend to do, instead of typing your intention, may help you actually remember to do it. If nothing else, you know where to look to find the plans you've already made.

Although Google Calendar is my primary calendar, I like having my paper planner laying next to my computer. Then I can glance at it without switching computer screens. Similarly, I've found select printed items can act as my third monitor (yes, I have two monitors and that's not enough for me).

The Occasional Genealogist Planner can make your digital research easier by preventing you from having to swich what's on your monitor. This can be a huge asset if you're using a small screen like a smartphone or tablet. You can always scan or photograph any handwritten notes to add them to your digital files.

As I said, I mainly use a desktop computer with two monitors. I've found having certain information printed helps. If you don't need to take notes on paper, you may still find it beneficial to have your plan (whether it's a research plan or just your plan for the day) printed in front of your monitor so you can glance at it. I created most of the material for the Planner with a handwritten plan in front of my dual-monitors and almost couldn't work without it!

I love a paperless system but it's not practical for this season of my life. That means I've addressed a hybrid digitial-paper system in the Planner's suggestions and instructions.

Can I use the Planner digitially? Can I type into the PDF.

The Planner is not designed to use digitally. There are so many great options for achieving these results digitially but that becomes far more complicated than a printable planner (everyone prefers a different app or software).

The PDF files are not designed with the ability to type into them. However, there are apps/software that will allow you to do this. Bascially, if you know how to make any PDF a PDF you can type in, yes, you can use it digitially. The files you receive after purchase will not work that way, though.





Who Am I?

Why Would You Buy This Planner from Me?

I'm Jennifer and I'm an Occasional Genealogist. I began my genealogy journey in elementary school. Fast forward over 25 years and I'm a professional genealogist and have been for over ten years.


Because I started so young, I've probably made every mistake out there and learned the value of following the research process. I've also created a lot of "cheats" when I meant to create "shortcuts." 


In 2016 I started taking the concepts I first designed as classes for "Occasional Genealogists" and combined them with my experience as a professional research genealogist and created my blog, The Occasional Genealogist.


This was in the midst of my most occasional season of being an Occasional Genealogist, ever. I had two children under the age of five and my own business to run. Because I was even shorter on time than ever before, I really started thinking about what I needed to do more genealogy. And it couldn't be just any genealogy, it needed to be GREAT genealogy.


I wanted to achieve results like I did for the few years I wasn't an Occasional Genealogist. Searching sites on the Internet can be fun and a mental break, but without following the research process, results are limited. What would it take to do great genealogy in my excessively limited free time?


I actually quickly came up with some ideas that so far have all tested as being useable. The Occasional Genealogist Planner is the first phase that's ready for public consumption.


So why would you buy this planner from me? The concepts behind the Planner have been tested by me, "in the field." I'm an Occasional Genealogist and these are the concepts that result in me doing more GREAT genealogy, despite the interruptions.


From writing the blog, I've heard from other Occasional Genealogists so I've kept the Planner flexible because we're all different as people and all of our research is different, too.


The Planner is meant to save you time by providing ideas (inspiration). It is also designed to keep you organized.


Inspiration + Organization = Success.



I want you to do great genealogy. I know being a genealogist doesn't mean you have loads of free time. You might have very little free time. Evern if you have a decent amount of time for genealogy, life will happen, interuptions happen.


The Occasional Genealogist Planner is meant ot help you do great genealogy, despite the interuptions. It'll do this with the simple formula of Inspiration + Organization =  Success.

The Occasional Genealogist Planner has three tiers to match your needs.

The 2018 Occasional Genealogist Planner

  • Dated Monthly Calendars with a monthly focus topic
  • Suggestions on how to use the monthly focus
  • Undated Weekly Calendar
  • Quarterly Goals Worksheet
  • Quarterly Goals Instructions and 
  • Summarty Template
  • Research Process printable
  • Source Refinery Worksheet and Note Taking Form
  • A montly email reminder


The 2018 Complete Occasional Genealogist Planner

Most Popular
  • The 2018 Occasional Genealogist Planner
  • The 2018 Weekly Planner Add-on Pack
  • The 2018 Skill Improvement Add-on Pack
  • The 2018 Research Planning Add-on Pack


The 2018 Complete Occasional Genealogist Planner

+ a Kick in the Pants

Best Value
  • The complete Planner (Planner and all three Add-on Packs)
  • Four 15-minute email check-ins to keep you accountable and on track.


Make sure you read ALL the details of this premium add-on before purchasing.


The complete details (aka "fine print") will display after clicking "Purchase" but before you complete the transaction.


Add-on packs to customize your Planner,

$5 each with purchase of planner, using the Purchase button will add the Planner and Add-on Pack to your cart.

The 2018 Weekly Planner Add-on Pack

  • Dated Weekly Calendars (week on two).
  • Dividers
  • Blank tables/spreadsheets.


The 2018 Skill Improvement Add-on Pack

  • Brainstorming Worksheet.
  • Source Analysis Worksheet.
  • Education Planning Worksheet.

The 2018 Research Planning Add-on Pack

  • Planning template.
  • Budget template.
  • More suggestions for goals and tasks---sized for Occasional Genealogists.

Do you need more time for genealogy?




Do you want to be successful in your research?




Do you want to quickly set yourself up to achieve genealogical results in 2018?




You need The Occasional Genealogist Planner.

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