The BHB Pledge

Today I pledge to take full responsibility for my own mental health and wellbeing, and to be the patient, compassionate friend for myself that I deserve.


I accept that moments of pain and sadness are inevitable but that they need not define my life.


I forgive myself for mistakes that I have made and choose not to dedicate my energy towards self-punishment, but towards my personal growth and greater empathy for myself and for others.


I pledge to trust and honor this journey, assured that my strength and flexibility are sufficient to adapt to and endure all of life's challenges. And I understand that taking responsibility for myself and my own happiness is not a refusal to ask for and accept help from others.


I advocate for my own wellbeing by seeking out helpful resources and by leaning on my community as needed.


Today I pledge to care for and love myself as I pursue a life overflowing with happiness and possibility.



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