Welcome to the 33-Days of Self-Love Experience

Embrace The Wild Journey to Self


The Dream Awake Tarot © 33-Days of Self-love journey is an invitation, a call, a beckoning to your wild wondrous soul! 

For 33-days, our community will collectively explore our inner world and engage with practically applying the esoteric wisdom of tarot to our every day experience. 

The benefits of this soul journey...
    • Clarification of values, motivations, and goals
    • Renewed sense of self-love and respect
    • Intentional Manifestation basics to create more awareness around the realty we are co-creating.
    • Deeper more meaningful connections with friends and family. 
    • Clarity of vision and direction 
    • Increased knowledge of tarot wisdom
    • Improved flexibility with daily yoga practice 
    • Healthy Establishment of Boundaries 
    • sexual liberation prompting healthy sensual expression 
    • Refined spiritual practice with the aid of the Dream Awake Playbook



What's Included in the Journey? 

  • Nurturing and guidance from Obatalia, the creator of Dream Awake Tarot. 
  • 7-meditation downloads to assist with the daily implementation of silence and stillness. 
  • 33-Daily Self-Love Missions 
  • Downloadable PDF Journey Guide to assist you with your 33-Day process. 
  • Zoom calls on MoonDays of each 7-day cycle.
  • 33-Days of Complementary Access to the Dream Awake Alchemist Mighty Network Community
  • Gentle nudges to get outside of your comfort zone and live fearlessly. 
  • Daily reminders to take it easy and love yourself.
  • Nap, music, and bath therapy invitations 
  • 33-card tarot deck with accompanying yoga positions in Playbook


The Change that you have been waiting for is here and now. Will you accept this invitation?

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