Do you feel you are constantly under the spotlight effect? 
Perhaps You are either judging someone or someone is judging you.
Take A Judgment Detox 
Helping the negative Self-talkers discover inner strength and beauty
by overcoming fear for judgment. Because you deserve better than
what you think.

Judging is the opposite of consciousness. Removing judging from your life will be the most challenging thing you will ever do. So the goal is not to be judging free, it is just to move closer in that direction of your journey. 


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Here's What You will Get
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  • Learn the 4 common energy blocks and the 5-step process to create your success.
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Judgment Detox is about teaching you the 7 levels of energy, potential and your self-leadership. It is going to help you to recognize at what level you are currently functioning and allowing you to choose/fine-tune a life philosophy based on the highest levels of energy. 


The purpose of this detox program is to help you SEE first, and then BELIEVE next, as seeing is truly believing. 


Michelle Kuei 

Clinical Pharmacist

Certified Professional Coach

Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

Author, Motivational Speaker





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