Desserts and Baking Recipes for Better Blood Sugars

A recipe e-book for all T1Ds that want to eat dessert every day and not struggle with the challenges of managing blood sugars after. All the recipes are a perfect balance of macronutrients, are incredibly deliciously and do not cause problems with blood sugar management, as they are all sugar-free and high in protein.


The e-book features: 

- 15 dessert and cake recipes

- Carb-counts for all the recipe

- Bolusing strategy suggestions

- Desserts that make blood sugar management simple

- Balanced desserts for everyday, packed with healthy ingredients

- Simple and quick sweet recipes for every sweet tooth out there

- Step-by-step straightforward cooking instructions


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About T1Level Fitness


T1Level Fitness was created to give Type 1 Diabetics the tools to develop individual lifestyles that allow them to live their lives to the full, whilst managing their blood sugars and moving their bodies with love and enjoyment. Here, at T1Level we want every T1D to feel confident in themselves, feel able to do whatever they set them to and never let diabetes stop them from achieving their goals.


T1Level Fitness is a place for T1D’s to craft their perfect lives, where diabetes, fitness and life are in harmony and balance. We help you develop training, nutrition and management habits that will allow you to do the things that you want to do in life. 


Our coaching programs are developed for individual needs of every client, with an all-round approach, that considers your physical abilities, mental wellbeing, nutrition habits, motivation, time availability, and life schedule. We help you achieve your health and fitness goals at a pace and in a manner that suits you. 

T1D 1-2-1 Online Coaching


Personalised training programs for your fitness goals

One-to-one coaching on blood sugar management during and around training

Develop habits that are most helpful to you for better blood glucose management

Flexible training programs that you will enjoy and fit perfectly into your lifestyle

Tailored nutrition advice to suit your fitness and diabetic goals​

Working with you in an all-round approach to create a fitness routine you will love

Coaching to Control Group Coaching Program


An 8-week group program

Create a consistent fitness routine that supports you blood sugar management

​Learn to the fundamentals of blood sugar control during exercise and training

Increase your insulin sensitivity through fitness and lifestyle modifications

Start making better decisions about fitness and nutrition for improved Type 1 management ​​

Find your balance between T1D management, nutrition, the joys

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