February 22 - March 22, 2021



This 5-week virtual series invites couples to learn and grow, together and on their own.


We will journey through the different ways of communication, both with others and with ourselves, to empower each individual in the

co-creation of a deeper connection in partnership!




Investment: $400/couple



Please send payments to via

Interac e-transfer to reserve your seats

or click link below to pay by credicard to reserve your seats.


What to Expect:

➢ A relaxed and judgement-free environment to connect with your partner

➢ A safe place to learn more about your partner and what's on their mind

➢ Casual roundtable conversations. Everyone is invited to share

➢ Fun tools and resources to initiate meaningful connection between sessions

➢ A feeling of support and community

➢ Couples will be separated, week 2 & week 3. ➢ Each participants needs an electronic device.



We will learn how to identify “how” we, as individuals, and our partners communicate and in what way can we do so to create a better environment for successful communication.


Week 2 - SHADOW

Participants will go deeper into their own self talk, to bring awareness to what “triggers” them when in conversation, and how to see into their own blind spots when communicating.  



Couples will explore how to identify and understand their automatic thoughts and the stories that they “write” about how we see ourselves and how that influences how we show up for our partners. With guest facilitator and Cognitive Behaviour therapist, Karina Bensmihen.



Group will come together to explore personal boundaries and learn how to foster presence in a way that supports listening. 



Participants will share what they have learned about themselves and each other, and be supported with tools that enable the long-term success of communication in partnership.  





Desiree Ruiz is the Co-Founder of Les Lilas Society and has been curating safe spaces and facilitating conversations for thousands of womxn since 2016.


After her divorce, Desiree discovered that she did not know how to lovingly communicate in an intimate relationship, and how to properly express her emotions. She has spent the last 5 years un-learning, learning and honing this skillset, and now guides and hold space for others to do the same.


Desiree is now happily divorced and dating her best friend. Her superpowers are positivity and empathic listening, and her specialty is helping people feel seen, supported and more connected.








Paul Simard is the founder of huMENity, a peer-driven support community that encourages men to connect more deeply with their emotional and physical selves, as well as a facilitator and men’s coach. His work focuses on men of all ages, in small group work as well as one-on-one coaching.


He has worked with and participated in men’s circles and organizations from around the world, is an author and guest speaker, including as a TEDx Speaker (The Mythical Man). He is also the Director of Community and Impact Partnerships at The UN Refugee Agency of Canada. He is the father of three daughters, who are the motivation for everything he does.


Karina Bensmihen M. A.  has been a practicing psychotherapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy since 2007. She has worked in the department of youth protection as well as in private practice working on areas of anxiety and depression. She's also a certified yoga teacher since 2016 and uses both eastern and western philosophies such as mindfulness and recognizing automatic thoughts to help her clients move towards positive change. She believes teaching a person how to heal themselves is a gift and is her ultimate goal as a therapist.