Meet the diverse entrepreneurs that attended our last BUSINESS CONNECT EVENT


Amanda Busner, Founder of Clear the Ocean


Clear the Ocean is a non-profit organization that she created with her daughters and family. They sell eco-friendly Canadian made products and 100% of their profits are donated to foundations actively removing plastic from the ocean 🌱

IG: clear_the_ocean



Anna-Maria Angarita

Business Consultant (Medical/Pharma) turned Author


Anna has been on a beautiful personal journey over the last three years and wrote a memoir that will launch in December called  "Owning My Truth".


IG: @annamaria_angarita


Kris Daria  - Email marketing expert

Book a coffee chat:

IG @KrisDaria 


She’s an email marketing expert for beauty & wellness e-commerce brands. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with 100’s of things on your to-do list, she'll take the workload off your plate so you can start generating more sales on autopilot for your online store. 


She’s also looking for more people who have mutual clients to become referral partners. 



Camille Crepeau -

Founder and Head of Operations of Soul Labs

YAY to women in STEM!!


Soul Labs creates productivity tools that are personalized to you and helps you amplify your potential at work.


Camille also creates educational games for kids with her mother. 


LinkedIn: Camille Crepeau 



Jimmy Gaumond - Founder of Jimmy Zoo


Offers happiness therapy through animals.


LinkedIn: Jimmy Gaumond

Facebook page: Jimmy Zoo

Instagram: JimmyZooMtl

Youtube: Jimmy Zoo 


Lin Sok, Financial Security Advisor


She can help you manage your finances and put money away for rainy days.


FB: Lin Sok

LinkedIn: LinkedIn



Melanie Boulerice - Private Nurse


A diversified nursing agency in Montreal, providing a variety of nursing services to homes and companies. 


She's also one of my go-to people when I need medical advice (Thanks Mel!).


IG: @nursemelaniejadeb




Julie Doan - Pharmacist and Health Coach


FB: juliedoanhealth

IG: @juliedoanhealth


She's offering a free 5-dayNourished Self  email series that will teach you some foundational tips to improve their health in a way that feels empowering. Mini recipe book included!

Sign up here:




Priscila Stuart - Food Coach


Bringing people fun recipes at home and helping clients enjoy being in the kitchen. Stay tuned for her holiday IGTV lives where she will invite guests to cook/share some of their favorite holiday recipes.


IG: @priscilaskitchen

FB: @priscilaskitchen 



Christopher Beltran - Nurse and Founder of Bel Sante


Offering medical services and blood tests at home.


FB: @belsante




Atena Sadegh - Mindset and Energy Coach


Helping you live a happier life by teaching you energy healing techniques and through the power of your subconscious. 


Subscribe to her YouTube Channel 

IG: @prettyhappyhabits



Sarah Chickee - Founder of Le Club Mom Boss

An online platform connecting Momtrepreneurs across Canada.


IG: @Chickee_MomBoss or @LeClubMomBoss

Linkdin : Sarah Chickee


Looking for help with social media and accounting. 


Jaymie Martinez - Survivor and Manifesting Mastermind


She offers online vision board workshops to teams, individuals and children.


Toronto is home but original from MTL. 


IG: @3happytwirls


Maki Fukushima - Event Management Consultant and Wellness Program Builder


Fleeing the corporate world to build and create programs and events in wellness. Also launching a podcast, in January 2021, where we will have raw conversations and real talk through the lens of Asian Canadians. MTL born living in TO.


IG: @makikosarah

LinkedIn: @makifukushima




Desiree Ruiz - Business Consultant, Community Builder and Connector


I support and guide entrepreneurs along their journey and connect them to new people.


LinkedIn: Desiree Ruiz

IG: @des.escalante





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