Agile Leadership Stories
I want to hear YOUR Story!

The world needs to hear positive examples of what to do in the face of transformation challenges!

For example, some of these challenges include:  

  • Low buy-in
  • Getting practices to fit our situation
  • The right people are not involved
  • Overcoming old leadership habits
  • Getting changes to stick
  • Gaps between expectation and reality


Leadership means any influence: Managers, Scrum Masters, PMs, Department heads, tech leaders


We want to hear YOUR STORY!  Simply submit it below and your story may be featured in my upcoming book!

Jesse Fewell
Jesse is an author, coach, and trainer who helps senior leaders from Boston to Bangalore transform their organizations world-wide.

As a project management pioneer, he founded and grew the original PMI Agile Community of Practice to 18,000 members and 40 volunteer leaders, co-created the PMI-ACP
® agile certification, and co-authored the Agile Practice Guide®, translated into eleven languages.
A global entrepreneur, he has distilled his remote leadership experiences in the handbook "Can You Hear Me Now: Working with Global, Distributed, Virtual Teams"®.
A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, he is a dual-certified coach (Certified Enteprise Coach® and Leadership Circle Profile®) and an accredited instructor with four distinct agile certification bodies (Scrum Allance, SAFe, ICAgile, Conteneo)
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