Last few spots for Intro to Music 2-3 yo



We still have a few spots left in our Introduction to Music classes for 2 - 3 years old! 


It is a great class for little ones to start exploring and discovering new sounds and the world of music. 



Every Monday from 4:15pm to 5pm.


Click HERE to know more information and sign up :)


Art & Emotions Workshop



This art therapy workshop by Anne-Claire Hoyaux uses art to gently address emotions, through drawing, writing, crafts, music, and some movement.

No art skills are required and the children choose their preferred art forms. They are invited to create freely and intuitively, using their spontaneous inspiration more than any special techniques.

The idea is to exteriorise feelings differently than with spoken words. We use arts as an alternative way to connect with inner emotions.


SATURDAY 11 November from 10:30am to 12pm


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Music Room Teachers

I’m so proud and happy with our amazing, professional and committed teachers. Without them Music Room wouldn’t be what it is. They love their work and are committed to share and spread the love for the music.

Dominic, Lika, Joao, Debora, Felipe, Jean Marc, Tiago, Hernan, Carolina and we would like to extend a big welcome to three new teachers! We are super happy and honoured to have Elsa, Natalia and Edoardo as part of our team now.

Read about our teachers HERE :)


Jazz Voice Class


We already have the confirmed dates for this and next month's Jazz Voice Class! If you've never been to any of these great classes, November and December is a great opportunity to discover and develop singing and jazz. 


This is a great workshop where you get to explore your voices and improve musicality through different exercises that include vocal technique, ear training, rhythm and harmony.


NOVEMBER 15 and 29


DECEMBER 6 and 13


If you would like to sign up, click HERE :)

Starting the road to Numberphony

This is a wonderful and inclusive music reading system created by Sergio Aschero 25 years ago that we are very excited to share and introduce in Music Room. In the month of November we will be conducting the first introductory workshop to our teachers, providing them with this wonderful new tool. 
Aschero's Numberphony is based on mathematical (geometry and arithmetic), optical, acoustic and linguistic sciences, which make it clear and understandable even for children as young as three years old. It is a logical system that allows everyone with no exception to read, write, interpret and create music, whether it is classical or popular. Adults, teenagers, children and people with disabilities, everyone who shares a love for music can actively enjoy it. 
An important part of our mission in our project is to discover and explore new paths, that allow for everyone to reach the world of music.

You can learn more about Numberphony here.

Classes à la carte! on Saturdays

If having some group music classes on Saturdays seems like a good idea, send us an email! We would love to organize some musical activities during these gloomy months so if you have an idea let us know and we will see if we can arrange it! Email us here :)

If you would like to know more about rehearsal rentals please click on this link! 

* All this information can be found on our website in Portuguese as well. Saiba mais sobre a Music Room e as nossas aulas aqui :) 

'' Music is everywhere. It’s in the air between us, waiting to be sung. ” ― David Levithan

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